Salt Flats First Look // Maya + Jacob

The Bonneville Salt Flats are the perfect location for anyone looking for a classy and timeless backdrop for their first look. For Maya and Jacob, it was a no-brainer. Maya’s amazing dress with pearl sleeves from Allyse’s Bridal and her bouquet from the Wright Flower Co. had me drooling. We can always tell when our couples pay attention to details.

The day of our photoshoot, the weather at the salt flats forecasted high winds. I told them that if they trusted me, the wind would work in our favor. They agreed and Maya worked that wind like nobody’s business. In my experience, some of the best shots come from “imperfect” conditions. When Jacob turned around and first saw Maya in her dress, his jaw dropped. He couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was. We feel so lucky to be able to be a part of special moments like this.

If we could only pick one type of sessions to do for the rest of our lives, it would be bridal/first look sessions. We get to meet the cutest, kindest couples. I met Maya through a friend, her roommate. Maya and Jacob aren’t from Utah, but they met and fell in love at BYU, so they wanted their bridals taken in Utah. We love how these bridals turned out! Prints of your first look are the perfect decor for your wedding. In this case, Maya and Jacob’s neutral color scheme made decorating their wedding with other colors a breeze. Bridals shouldn’t just be for social media – they’re meant to be printed and viewed on display.

During the whole session, I couldn’t believe how stunning Maya’s eyes are. The cloudy blue skies and her blue eyes were the perfect pairing.

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