6 Things You Can Do To Make the Most of Your Wedding Day

Whether you’re almost engaged or days away from your wedding day, you’ve likely heard advice along the lines of “Enjoy your wedding day, it all goes by so fast.” And we get it, it’s such an important time of your life and in you and your partner’s love story, you want to be able to “freeze time” as much as you can. We’ve come up with six ways to make the most of your wedding day.

Before the Big Day

1. Find a planner. This is our best tip for being able to be present and fully enjoy your wedding day. We always recommend hiring a full-service planner, but many planners have options such as day-of or month-of coordination for those on a tight budget. If you’re getting married in Utah, we recommend Everson Events. Amanda and her team go above and beyond to keep the day running smoothly so our couples can focus on enjoying the celebration.

spend time with your partner and loved ones on your wedding day

2. Hire vendors that you enjoy spending time with. We can’t stress the importance of this enough. Splurge on the vendors that you know will be creating an atmosphere for you and your guests. We always recommend holding a consultation video call before booking vendors, if possible. Be sure that you’re not just hiring them for their services, but you like the energy and personality they bring as well. The best feeling is when our couples say that we feel like friends and “regular guests” at their wedding because we took the time to get to know them. You’ll spend the most time with your photographer and videographer on your big day, so hire a team that you “vibe” well with.

On Your Wedding Day

3. Experience the moments through all your senses. It’s rare for us to shoot a wedding now where the bride and groom don’t have a special wedding day cologne/perfume. Set aside a fragrance that you use for the first time on your wedding. Then, when you wear it again on special occasions throughout your lifetime, you’ll get a blast of memories from that day. You can also take a “mental picture” of memories throughout the day that mean the most to you. Practice “grounding” exercises that you know will help keep you physically and mentally present. Maybe for you, that’s something to do with meditation, or a prayer with your bridesmaids in your bridal suite.

perfumes and colognes to trigger scent memories from wedding day

4. Focus on your partner. That’s the whole point of this day! You’ll have guests pulling you to talk to you and give their congratulations – try to stay together to talk to guests. Get down on the dance floor together, take a moment to yourselves right after you walk back down the aisle, or plan a break in between events for the two of you to soak in the moments. Plan your timeline to intentionally include quality time with your partner.

couple makes the most of their wedding day by being intentional


5. Don’t forget to send thank you notes and celebrate your anniversary. Sending thank you notes can be one of those things that gets overlooked after the honeymoon bags are unpacked and you settle into newlywed life. However, it can be such a fun way to remember the wedding day. I mean, your guests will appreciate any thank you note, but a thank you with a personal note about a wedding day memory you have with them? That’s priceless. In addition, make your anniversary more than a reminder on the calendar. Focus on your partner’s love language and make the day meaningful, even if it’s not a “big anniversary” milestone.

make the most of your wedding day with these intentional to dos

6. Print your photos. In an increasingly social-media-crazed world, don’t forget to print your photos. If (heaven forbid) Instagram crashes and your iCloud deletes everything, you’ll have those photos in print. Imagine going through your wedding album with your grandchildren 50 years from now, just as you did with your grandma 15 years ago. We offer professional printing services directly through all of our client online galleries, so we’ve made it easy.

As your photo-video team, it’s our hope that you have the wedding of your dreams and you get to enjoy every second of it.